Emma Diamond dances

Travelling Light

A 30 minute solo with a specially commissioned score by composer
Giles Perring.


In Travelling Light, Emma Diamond and composer Giles Perring navigate through the storms of an inward journey to a timeless domain, guided and protected by the modern-day symbol of the lighthouse. The dance takes us through intense manifestations of the ego; fear, greed, hopelessness, driving ambition and conflict, always reaching for a way out of shadow and despair and into the light. The lighthouse (filmed at Start Point Lighthouse, Devon) offers steadfast hope and guidance, dissolving darkness and fear, clearing obstacles and bringing with it peace.

Travelling Light and Out of the Ordinary share the themes of journeying, taking on challenge, overcoming adversity and transformation. Emma’s work endeavours to highlight the strength of the human spirit, to share joy and loss, to offer hope and understanding, to both entertain and to empower.

Emma Diamond

“Diamond will be an important force in the making if she continues enlarging her range and enriching the sophisticated language she has devised.”

Ann Sacks, The Evening Standard

Emma Diamond
Emma Diamond Emma Diamond Emma Diamond

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Photos: Sim Canetty-Clarke / Patrick Duval