Diamond Dance Presents - SKIN: A Journey Across the Huiman Body


A journey across the human body

Visit our moving exhibition and experience the novelty and intrigue of ‘micro– choreography.’ Walk through a forest of movement installations revealing the sensuality and poetry of flesh. Witness the intriguing mobilization and co-ordination of tiny parts of the human anatomy up close.

You are used to seeing us dance from far away, from high up in the balcony, as if through the wrong end of a telescope. But have you ever wondered what it might look like inside the ballerina’s pointe shoe? The true impact of our art form up close?

Come delight in this new perspective. Join us on a journey into a micro-world, where muscles, sinews and bone are our protagonists, articulating as independent creatures in their own indigenous habitat.

As you glide across the body’s surface, and observe this phenomena for the first time, we invite you to solve a mystery, a curious predicament: Might you have mistaken a dancer for an unusual geological rock formation? A bit of plankton? Or a rare species of flora and fauna? Still more disconcerting; can you find your bearings or are you lost now like a tiny insect climbing over the surface of a giant host? For up close our dancers might easily seem as if they’ve transformed into alien life forms from a distant planet.

This is dance, but not dance you’ve seen before. SKIN is a synthesis of music and movement magnified under the microscope. The body is in flux, dancing in a heartbeat to the hum and tremor of a pulse, the plucking of a hair follicle, pulled taut as a tendon in the quiver of a goose bump. But SKIN is far from a clinical observation, for it celebrates being alive, the awe and infinite beauty that is the human form.